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Smash EVO 2019 Belongs To Mexico!

EVO 2019 Smash Ultimate Champion MKLeo holding his trophy

The 2019 EVO Smash Ultimate Champion hails from… Mexico! @MKLeo (Leonardo Perez) came out on top of nearly 3,500 players to hold onto his rank of #1 Smash player in the world. EVO is the world’s largest fighting game tournament, and Smash Ultimate had the most players of any game this year.

MKLeo, originally from Mexico City, became one of the top Smash WiiU players at the age of 15, and ended the games cycle ras the top player in the world. At the ripe old age of 18 he has held onto that top spot with the new Smash Ultimate.

Grand Finals was an insane set. But to make it there, Leo and his Joker had to fight back from Losers bracket after being sent there by Kameme’s Mega Man. He entered Top 8 facing top Peach player Samsora. MKleo’s Joker was too much, and the set ended up 2-0.  

He then went on to face Gluttony, a Wario main from France. Wario is a very fun character to watch when in good hands. Gluttony was sent to Losers by the former best Wario player Tweek, but more on him later. This set was frenetic. Leo and Gluttony were bouncing around the stage, with motorcycles, bullets and wafts flying everywhere. However once again Leo shined, winning the set 3-0, with 2 games being 2-stock victories.  

I already said Grand Finals was insane. I need to emphasize it here. It was INSANE. Tweek was playing out of his mind. Earlier this year he dumped Wario to main Pokemon Trainer. Tweek was already the #2 player in most people’s eyes, and he stayed there after the switch.

Tweek was playing out of his MIND! Leo’s Joker is so good, and most people have no answer for his Gun variations or Arsene’s crazy damage and hitboxes. But Tweek was on another level.  As Squirtle, he would constantly get in with throw combos, racking up damage quickly. Switching to Ivy led to some kills and Charizard put in great work too. He had crazy nair strings with Ivy, and would platform drop into fair combos. After taking the lead 2-0, he looked unstoppable.  

But then Tweek let the winning game get away from him. Leo got a victory, and then another one, in game 4 where Tweek HAD IT, but Leo came back to get that victory too. Known for getting tilted, Tweek kept his cool, but Leo adapted and took game 5 to reset the bracket.  

Since Tweek came from winners, he still had to lose two sets to be eliminated, and this was the first he had lost all tournament.  Now both players had to win three more games to take the championship. Leo adapted. His reads were getting better and better. He still couldn’t avoid all the throw combos, but he adjusted to dodge many of them. He would set up Tweek by repeating a pattern a couple times, and then changing it up to get a combo or a kill.

This final set went 3-0 in MKLeo’s favor, meaning he won six games in a row against the #2 player in the world. It was exciting to see such a crazy comeback, but you had to feel for Tweek. He was playing SO WELL but couldn’t close it out in Set 1. After that, Leo had all the momentum and masterfully took Set 2 to win EVO 2019.

Along with the notoriety of winning the biggest Smash Tournament, MKLeo walked away with just over $20k, in addition to his salary of playing for the EchoFox/MVG crew. Not too bad for a weekend of work. Congratulations, @MKLeo!  

Grand Finals MKLeo vs Tweek

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