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Second Look: Celebrity Doppelgängers

LatinX_Celebrity doppelgängers collage

Remember that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Lily and Marshall had to see all of the group’s doppelgängers before they could decide to have a baby? Well, this is nothing like that. We just liked the idea of scouting for doppelgängers and today we chose some of our favorites in honor of the show.

1) Barbara Mori & Megan Fox

Celebrity doppelgängers: Barbara Mori or Megan Fox?

2) Ninel Conde & Ariana Grande

Double take Ninel Conde and Ariana Grande

Celebrity doppelgängers: Ninel Conde and Ariana Grande sport the same style and…everything?

3) Paquita la del Barrio & Donald Trump

Paquita la del Barrio and Donald Trump side by side

The people’s vote for the funniest doppelgänger. What do you think? #memes

4) Selena Gomez & Lucy Hale

Side by side Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale on couch photoshoots

Celebrity doppelgängers: Selena Gomez or Lucy Hale?

5) Saul Lizaso & George Clooney

Double take Saul Lizaso and George Clooney

Celebrity doppelgängers: Saul Lizaso made our hearts beat in Spanish and Clooney in English. #Studs

6) Zoe Saldana & Thandie Newton

Celebrity doppelgängers: Zoe Saldana or Thandie Newton?

7) EXTRA: Macklemore & Paul Lieberstein – This was uncalled for but hilarious #PoorToby

Can you think of any others? Post your favorites below or DM us YOUR celebrity doppelgängers. #Twinning


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