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Rosarito’s Hollywood Moment: The Making of the Titanic

Titanic mock render

Mexico is known for its delicious food, mezcal, natural wonders and unique artisans. But, did you know, it’s also the home of one of the largest studios in the world?

Baja Studios was founded in 1996 outside the beach town of Rosarito for the recreation of the RMS Titanic ship. James Cameron had a vision for his Oscar winning film, Titanic. The movie’s $200 million dollar budget allowed for the creation of such an epic set, which for a while, gave the small town of Mexico its “Hollywood moment.”

The amount of work that went into creating this production set was unbelievable. Here’s a video shared by Manfose depicting the building of the Titanic ship. The meticulous planning, attention to detail and sheer grandeur of the project still amazes people to this day.


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