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ROMA: The Awards Season Journey of a Revolutionary Film

Cuarón after awards picture with three awards

ROMA’s on Netflix, what’s next? My microwave makes a movie?” Tina Fey.

ROMA made waves this awards season. The film’s beautiful depiction of an overlooked societal problem in Mexico caught the attention of the world. It’s choice of viewing platform initially stirred up discussions from the public of whether the film should qualify for certain awards given it never played in theaters. Times are changing though and ROMA is a great example. It left us with great advancements for better representation, a great sense of pride and the reality that streaming media has become our norm.

Let’s do a quick recap of Cuarón and the ROMA cast’s journey throughout the awards season shall we?

Red carpets

This season’s red carpets were filled with interviews on Yalitza’s character, and Spanish – there were a lot of Spanish speaking moments. Much like in the movie, Marina de Tavira and Yalitza Aparicio were a team and off-screen Marina acted as her co-star’s translator. Beautiful pair of Mexican talent.


ROMA was nominated multiple times, taking home Best Director across the biggest award ceremonies.

Roma awards season scorecard

The winning speeches and friendly introductions

The heartfelt speeches added to the social awareness and positive sentiment towards the film, the cast and everything it stands for.

Support was felt all around: #VivaMexicoCuarones

Awards season might be over but the movement continues. Follow #ROMATON and #ROMAfest for ROMA inspired events benefiting women workers to guarantee fair jobs, dignity and respect in the workplace through the CACEH organization.

ROMA was based on Cuarón’s childhood memories – have you thought what your ROMA movie would be? Share your story below. You might be the next Latinx Oscar winner….you never know 😉

#ROMATON #ROMAfest #CuarósChildhood


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