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Review: Abstract Season 2

Neri Oxman's design team erecting a giant cocoon inspired art piece, made of bio materials

Netflix, thank you for creating Abstract. Before we get to the review, I have a request… There are 700 million latinxs in the world. Please profile one of them in your next season.

Thank you.

Abstract is an inspiring series that profiles one creative person per episode. Across both seasons we meet a Hollywood costume designer, a bio-architect, and the dude that created Jordans (and the Back To The Future 2 shoes)! We also learn from a large-scale artist, the guy who rebranded Instagram, and a stage designer for Beyoncé, Kanye, Rihanna, and more.

As we mentioned before, Season 2 came out on September 25, and if you haven’t watched it yet, put it in the queue! Part of what makes this Season so enjoyable is the somewhat abnormal nature of the jobs these folks have. Do you know what a bio-architect does?  How about someone that designs “for play?” How do you think someone approaches rebranding an app that has a BILLION users? We get to see what’s in these peoples’ brains, and it’s super interesting!

Ruth Carter and a fitting for Dolemite Is My Name
Image: Netflix

Ruth Carter is the Oscar-winning costume designer for Black Panther and Selma, but started way back with Do The Right Thing. Her journey is joyful and also sad at times. They way she keeps her art genuine is very inspiring. Not everything in Hollywood is fake!

Cas Holman and Geemo
Image: Netflix

Cas Holman gets to think like a kid all day, and then creates toys and play spaces that are way more fun and educational for kids. Then she translates that to adults who sometimes just can’t “get it.” She’s figured out how to make play time encourage creativity, logic, and imagination.

Olafur Eliasson’s Beauty
Image: Netflix

The rest of the episodes will suck you in as well. Who knew designing a font took so much care and creativity? Why does a misty rainbow art piece say so much about perception? How is a media lab coming up with ideas like replacing plastic with milk protein? 

Watch the series and find out! It’s an awesome motivator and really gets you thinking about how things can be created in very different ways. Let’s just see some latinx representation soon!

Did you have a favorite episode? Let us know!


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