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Pope Francis: Best Videos of the Non-Kissing of the Ring

Pope's hands wearing the Piscatory ring

Yesterday, Pope Francis went viral for a video of his visit to Loreto, Italy. Worshipers wanted to salute him and kiss the Piscatory Ring, or Ring of the Fisherman, but the Pope pulled his hand away.

“That’s Rude” – Or is it?

Some people have reacted to this negatively calling him a germaphobe and just plain rude. Others argue the Pope doesn’t see himself as an authority figure that should be worshiped. They see it as an act of humility on his part.

I think the last guy to kiss the ring had the flu and the Pope didn’t want to spread that. Sorry dude. OR, the ring rejects the people who are going to hell? Dun dun dun.

Have you seen the video? Here are the three versions I personally liked the best. Jimmy Kimmel’s video is great at minute 1:02. Your welcome.

#NoKissForYou #KissTheRingChallenge


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  1. Consuelo Garcia March 27, 2019

    pienso que este papa es un tipo muy orgulloso, y simplemente le daba asco que le besaran la mano. !!!me contenta mucho!! que les haya hecho eso,! solo a Dios adoraras!!! eso es ignorancia, el es un hombre y seguro mas pecador que cualquiera.


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