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Pero Why?! Latin AMAs Red Carpet Fails

Best Dressed Latin AMAs 2019

Spanish-language music is dominating the American charts, surpassing country music to position the genre in the top five most consumed albums in the US. I tuned in last night to cheer Latin America’s biggest musical contributors, many who are influencing our playlists stateside, but I couldn’t help but wonder WTF they were wearing?!

As much as I’d love to give you a roll call of best dressed I have an equally cringeworthy list of Pero, Why?!

But, first, I must give proper due to Becky G who killed it in Versace. The 22-year-old singer went home with the Extraordinary Evolution Award on the eve of her debut album release Mala Santa. What a night!

Becky G via EOnline

I also loved Justin Quiles‘ look! A classic suit in an excepted turquoise, styled with a chic white mockneck, pops of gold bling and fresh kicks. Take notes, fellas. And Isabela Merced stole the red carpet show, with a new name (She was formerly known as Isabela Moner.), a new song (Papi, out soon.) and a look for the God’s. She was best dressed in my book. Punto Final.

Justin Quiles via EOnline
Isabela Merced via The Daily Mail

Onto the main event. Let’s begin with by far my biggest sartorial conundrum of the night, Priscilla Torres. Not sure if a stylist was at the helm here, but if so, that person should be fired. Aside from the nonsensical color theory, the design is wonky and unflattering: a cobalt blue velvet bodice, sherbet peach tulle skirt, fastened by a black and white satin sash?! GASP!

Priscilla Torres via UPI

I loved Esteman‘s tribute to the LGBTQIA+ community but that look on the carpet? It’s a train wreck. I’m so shocked your man, Jorge Caballero, didn’t stop you. Where was he on decision day??

Esteman via Popsugar

OK, Sofia, what happened between the Billboard party and the red carpet because I am so confused. Sofia Reyes impressed in an electric green suit days prior to the Latin AMA’s. Upon further inspection, I noticed the fabric of Reyes’ edgy neon suit was textured with dots. So, she’s clearly feeling this print right now. But her red carpet mini wasn’t exactly polka dots. The cut (with matching full-length gloves!!!) is fierce but the large heart-shaped print overpowered the ensemble making the aesthetic feel busy and sophomoric, as opposed to playful. And the shoe selection cannot be ignored. Are those baby blue mules in tweed or terry cloth? Guess, your toes are good if someone spills a drink on them?

Sofia Reyes via The Daily Mail
Jessica Hoppe

Jessica Hoppe is a New York-based writer and social media strategist who founded her blog, Nueva Yorka, in 2015. She has been featured in Vogue, Yahoo, HuffPost, PopSugar, Who What Wear, Ravishly and worked as Lifestyle Editor for StyleCaster. Jessica has been passionate about writing, diversity and Latin American culture from an early age. Having grown up in a Spanish speaking home, her father is Ecuadorian and her mother is from Honduras.

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