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Our Watch Has Ended: Game of Thrones Finale Recap

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Repeat, spoilers ahead!

Well, that’s the end of a TV era, folks.

Last night, HBO released the final episode to conclude it’s epic Game of Thrones saga. The show starts with an ashy white (Or snowy? No one could tell the difference) Kings Landing as Tyrion races towards the Red Keep to find out if his twin siblings survived the collapse of the city. Much to his dismay, Tyrion finds Jaime and Cersei underneath a pile of rubble, dead in each others’ arms.

Image courtesy of HBO

Meanwhile, Daenerys emerges (with an epic shot of Drogon’s wings spreading behind her – wow) to greet her soldiers and applaud them for making her Iron Throne dream a reality. But apparently there’s more work to be done: Dany shares her plans to conquer not just Westeros, but the rest of the world to “make it a better place.” Tyrion, disgusted by not only her speech but also her ruthless actions of setting King’s Landing ablaze, quits his position as her “Hand” and is imprisoned by the Unsullied.

Image courtesy of HBO

Now, for the last time, what’s Game of Thrones without plot twists and surprises? Turns out Jaime and Cersei’s death scenes weren’t the only ones the audience was going to witness last night since David and D.B. (the show’s creators) saved the most significant (if not the best) for last.

After Daenerys finishes her speech, she enters a fire-torn throne room to approach the Iron Throne – the one and only goal that has been sitting in front of her ever since she had the power to want anything. Over the past decade, we’ve watched this strong silver headed-lady grow from a vulnerable little girl to a fully equipped queen that’s about to start her second phase of conquest when, that’s right, her life gets cut short after sharing a kiss with her own lover, Jon Snow (he still knows nothing!).

Image courtesy of HBO

Thanks to Jon, all of Westeros narrowly avoids another period of tyranny, but who is to become the next protector of the realm?

All the lords and ladies of Westeros gather at the Dragon Pit a few weeks later to decide the fate of Westeros as well as those of Tyrion and Jon. Tyrion, with his hands still cuffed (Greyworm is not having it and bitterly wants posthumous justice for Daenerys), ultimately proposes to have all the future rulers elected to the throne rather than through inheritance, and nominates Brandon Stark aka The Three Eyed Raven (or I suppose it’s now “Your Grace”). Brienne, Davos, the Starks, Edmure Tully, Yara, the new Dorne prince, and the rest of the council unanimously elect Bran, and that’s the start of a new democratic government.

Image courtesy of HBO

Bran chooses Tyrion to be his hand as “punishment” for being bad at his previous job under House Targaryen. What about Jon? The Unsullied want his head, but the Stark family wants him alive. The compromise? Jon is banished to the Night’s Watch indefinitely and forbidden to hold titles, marry a lover, and father children.

As for the rest of the Starks, it’s a little more of a happy ending here. Donning a new tight hairbun, Arya becomes the next Christopher Columbus to seek what’s beyond west of Westeros. The north appoints Sansa as the new Queen in the North, which is thoroughly, thoroughly deserved.

Image courtesy of HBO

As the show nears the end, we finally come full circle: Jon leads the Wildlings (with Tormund and Ghost) back beyond the Wall, which mirrors the series’ very first opening scene when members of the Night’s Watch leave the gates to investigate the White Walkers in the forest. But this time, there’s nothing to fear, except the fear of never finding another epic TV show to watch.

And in case you missed any minor details (or more coffee cups):

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