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Our Top 10 Selena Quintanilla Covers


Got Selena songs stuck in your head? Are you in your feels about how beautiful her voice is? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To help with our nostalgia bug, we have in no particular order, listed some of our favorite Selena covers. Because, “Anything for Selenas!”

1. A beautiful tribute from the woman who played Selena herself in the 1997 Biopic.

2. One of  the biggest Country/Pop stars right now, Kacey Musgraves, paid homage to Selena by performing the classic hit at Rodeo Houston 2019 and absolutely killed it.

3. Cuban-born Camila Cabello also covered Selena Quintanilla at Rodeo Houston 2019.

4. Solange performed a rendition of I Could Fall in Love and it’s beyond dreamy.

5.  Bruno Mars performed Dreaming of you on his 2014 tour stop in Mexico.

6. Orange is the New Black star, Jackie Cruz honored Selena by releasing her own rendition of Como La Flor in 2015.

7.  Latinx singer, Beckie G performed a live Selena medley at her show in 2014.

8. Texas-born, Selena Gomez (also named after the Latina icon), released a duet version of Bidi Bidi Bom Bom in 2014.

9. At an intimate show in Selena’s hometown, JoJo serenaded the crowd in Corpus Christi with a cover of Dreaming of You in 2016.

10. This isn’t the first time Keke Palmer covered a Selena hit, you can find old home YouTube videos of her jamming to the Tejano Legend.


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