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Our Favorite Latinx Comedians Right Now

Desus and Mero

All the comedy nerds in the house say ‘aye’– aye. For those of us who live to laugh, comedians are the storytellers we turn to because they boldly speak our truth. They will say what we’re all thinking. We admire their courage, wit, and impeccable timing. And in these times, Latinx comedians are as vital as ever.

While we watch Hollywood struggle to keep pace with the demand for diversity and inclusion, there is some glimmer of hope. Here is a list of our favorite Latinx comics killing it right now:

Cristela Alonzo

Latinx writer Gabriela Garcia said of the comic, “Her Netflix special pretty much described how I am with my family.” Gabriela is not alone. There are many people who feel this way about Cristela Alonzo’s comedy. So much so that when her eponymous show Cristela was cancelled, fans of the show were outraged. Cristela’s family’s story mirrors the narrative of so many immigrant families, especially the recurring theme of generational conflicts.

Desus and Mero

What would happen if 2 Brown dudes from the Bronx got to host their own comedy show and interview celebrity guests? The answer: Desus and Mero. Their most dedicated fans have stayed with them since their early days as podcasters on Bodega Boys to their latest project on Showtime. Given the loyalty of their following Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are slowly becoming icons in their own right. We watch them because they’re smart and the jokes are on point. Plus their chemistry is magnetic.

Dee Nasty

She’s a hood philosopher dropping knowledge. Check out her must-see PSA on equal pay day (get that ladies). If her 114K followers on IG are any indication, this woman is about to blow up. Lately, she’s been hosting funny shows on Vice and touring comedy clubs. Keep an eye out for Dee Nasty.

Sofia Niño De Rivera

She is the first female comic to get her own Spanish language special on Netflix. Her most recent, irreverent, stand up on Netflix, Selección Natural, has the answers as to why the human race might be going extinct.

Arturo Castro

You may know Arturo as Alana’s sweet, witty and lovable roommate, Jaime on Broad City. Even though Broady City is in its final season, we are about to see more of Arturo because his webseries, Alternatino was recently picked up by Comedy Central. If the show is anything like the webseries, it promises to look into millennial Latinx culture and media in the digital age. The second season of his web-series contains a pseudo-documentary sketch that asks the very popular question of those learning Spanish for the first time,donde esta la biblioteca?

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