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New Moon in Taurus Horoscope Memes

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New Moon in Taurus: May 4th, 2019.

New Moons are a time to reset, prior to the next moon cycle. We track the changes in our lives, and pause to reflect on our intentions, just as the moon proceeds through her cycle in the sky. At each New Moon, different zodiac signs expose what area of our lives are best to focus on, in order to make changes.

This month we have a New Moon in Taurus, which is the ideal moment to step into what makes us feel fulfilled, happy, and nurtured. The constellation of Taurus has long been used to signify the rainy season, the growing of agricultural crops, and a time of promise for new food sources.

People have been looking to the constellation of Taurus for millennia, praying for rain, and dreaming of the delicious food the harvest will yield.

We can now visualize how a watershed of support and nurturance will take shape in our lives. Where do you need some energetic assistance and support? What kind of sustenance would you like manifest?

This is a time to enjoy the fruit of your labor and recognize the abundance that surrounds you. Be that the joy of a romantic connection, the warmth of loving friends and community, the wealth of a new job, or the natural resource of time spent in beautiful settings.

Lean into what makes you happy and ask for more of it, this Taurus season. You deserve it ?


New Moon Intention: I will focus on the relationships that fill me with happiness, support, and joy, and commit to doing the work to grow that relationship and its influence in my life.


New Moon Intention: I envision my future, growing into my responsibilities at work, and will reap the rewards of my hard work.


New Moon Intention: I realize that my curiosity is a resource; I share my knowledge and insight with others.


New Moon Intention: I recognize that I am held and loved. I trust that the universe brings to me people that can handle my heart and emotions, and learn to open my shell a little bit more.


New Moon Intention: I realize that I experience the most growth in both my professional and personal life when I trust that what brings me joy also brings me enlightenment.


New Moon Intention: I recognize that I am a powerful, envisioning the next steps in my professional practice, and will actualize the changes.


New Moon Intention: I realize that my relationships are a resource and communicate my ambitions with others.


New Moon Intention: I commit to offering the same level of loyalty that I expect from those in my circle and will grow my base of support from that offering.


New Moon Intention: I recognize that my optimism is only expressed adequately when I am feeling healthy and active; I commit to taking care of my physical body so that my energetic body may flourish.


New Moon Intention: I support my inner child as the source of my creativity and vision. I realize that my long-term goals spring from a place of joy.


New Moon Intention: I recognize that I am only an adequate source of support to others when I feel rooted and grounded on Earth. I commit to clearing and centering my home so I may rise from a rooted place.


New Moon Intention: I recognize that my intuition and feelings are a wealth of knowledge and insight; I endeavor to learn the difference between fear and forethought so I may better use my gifts.

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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