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“Street Food” on Netflix Pays Homage To Hawker Fare

Due to the critical success of Chef’s Table on Netflix, the filmmakers behind the series have worked their magic once more with their new offering titled, “Street Food.” Their goal is to shed light on what Eater refers to as “acclaimed chefs around the world working in casual restaurants, including food carts and hawker stalls.” This is a decision I can truly get behind, because to me, real food is street food.

Yup, I said it.

Food tells the story of a culture, both past and present, and reveals the hidden gems that make the city special to everyday people. Season one takes us on a tour of Asia. From the streets of Bangkok to Cebu, we are introduced to magnificent cuisine and see hawker fare through the eyes of ten, world-class-non-celebrity-chefs.

I’m beyond ecstatic to see those with no culinary background who learned on the go, and teach us so much about a culture without even knowing it to be featured for the world to see. I cannot wait to see where “Street Food” takes us next.

Check out the trailer below, and binge the season on Netflix, ASAP.


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