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National Video Game Day – Indie Treasures

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July 8 is National Video Games Day. In celebration, we’re going to tell you about a few games you don’t know. Grab a copy of one of these lesser known titles and play something fresh and innovative.

Remnants of Naezith sounds like a D&D title, but it’s a different kind of precision platformer with unique elements that separate it from the likes of Celeste or Super Meat Boy. Using a grapple and some other skills, you can swing your way through the built-in levels, and then try your hand at tons of custom levels available for download. Check out XepiccatX’s recent run at SGDQ 2019. For PC.

My Friend Pedro has received a bit of press, but you may not have heard about it. This shooter lets you use the entire environment to bounce your bullets around and kill the bad guys. Shoot bullets off of spinning frying pans to reach the guy above and behind you. Oh yeah, and Pedro is actually a talking banana. For PC and Switch.

Baba is You. So make sure Baba survives. This unique puzzle game has you shuffle words and phrases into the right combinations in order to progress. Some make sense right away, and some will give you plenty to think about. For PC and Switch.


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