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My Lil’ Heart is Obsessed With This Gay “Lizzie McGuire” and Yours Will Be Too

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When it comes to queer narratives, they are all different IRL but, in media, it’s another story. That’s why when we see LGBTQIA+ representation written and produced by actual queer people featuring us in all our complexity, we celebrate.

AJ Knight, actor and writer, is putting himself front and center in his show Daisy Boy. The story is about being a flamboyant, confident and unapologetic gay boy in the south. The only thing: that is all happening in his head. In real life, Jameson remains closeted and can’t be his true self.

On his kickstarter campaign, Knight says “to be honest, growing up in the closet, in a town where I felt different than a lot of the people around me, a show like Daisy Boy would’ve changed my life. And if we can help queer kids, or anyone really, feel a little less f*cked up, or alone, then that’s what we’re gonna do!”

And now he needs our help:

In order to make the most fabulous pilot and impress all the big names in Hollywood, AJ needs any kind of donation on his Kickstarter page.

If you’re still a bit hesitant, just look a this cute lil’ video and you’ll understand what he’s talking about.


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