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Music Playlist To Gear Up For Summer

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This week was particularly stellar in pop and urban music, so I decided to share what I’ll be jamming to all week while sipping Aperol Spritz by the pool and pregaming on Friday with my friends.

Check out my top picks from this week’s LatinX playlist:

“Bebecita” by Karol G

Karol G keeps stealing my heart with every single song she releases. “Bebecita” reminds me of the old school reggeaton that makes you want to dance the night away and maybe even into someone’s arms. Ayyyyyy

“Mañana es Too Late” by Jesse & Joy featuring J. Balvin.

I still remember crying to Jesse & Joy’s “Corre” so I was shook when this song appeared on my Spotify. It’s the perfect mid-tempo reggaeton song that you’ll listen to while getting ready with your friends over a glass of wine. The velvet voice of Jesse & Joy works surprisingly well with J. Balvin’s signature vocal runs. This is definitely one of my favorites from this week.

“La Boca” by Mau y Ricky feat. Camilo

This Venezuelan duo is really making a name for themselves and stepping out of their father’s shadow, singer Ricardo Montaner. They’ve been delivering bop after bop, so unsurprisingly, their latest album proves they are here to stay. “La Boca” is the ideal track for a long drive with friends. I can almost feel the wind in my air as it plays and I’m def not even behind the wheel. It takes me back to those weekend getaways con mis amigos para La Guaira, in Venezuela.

Now that we’re gearing up for summer, who’s your favorite up & coming artist?


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