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Mexican Dynasties Recap S1E6: Love is in the Air

With the burst of an electric shock Fernando is shook! I hope that electric shock vest is on a low setting. Elan is cooking breakfast for his lovely wife Jenny and the conversation consists of a negotiation about becoming a luchador with his brother Adan. Oscar and Paulina take their kids to a gastronomy themed restaurant where the kids enjoy drinking a smoking piña colada. Anyk and Axel, Oscar’s adorable twins discuss how they have admiration for their aunt who is like their mother and Paulina’s kids see Oscar as another father- figure.  All of their children are so sweet and this modern family is truly inspirational.

Doris is with her mother Raquel who is being interviewed for Clase Magazine about her late husband Leon. Raquel is truly a vision in blue that describes her husband as the lovable partner for all of the fifty-five years they were together. He was a very strong man, but the family went through sudden turmoil when they lost their son in 1980, he was only 13 years old. Doris describes it being the only time her father being in ‘bad shape’ and was always trying to cheer him up and make him laugh. Raquel was always the rock of the family and helped her husband pull through so they could have the enjoyment of raising their daughters.

Adan and Elan go shopping for luchador costumes as they are trying on masks and Adan are having lots of fun becoming his alter ego bouncing around the shop. Adan and Elan speak about being Fernando Allende son and have different perspectives on making it in the business with and without the attachment of previous fame.

Oscar, Paulina, and the kids wake up at 4:30 a.m. and meet Raquel and Doris to go on an early morning hot balloon ride! And while Oscar is having second thoughts his kids coax him on with a little bit of begging. While everyone seems a bit nervous, they are all having a great time floating around Mexico City. This is until Oscar announces, Tarek, a man he met in Brazil is coming to visit. Then the kids seem to question him a bit and call him out when he refuses to recognize him as his boyfriend.

Adan is meeting with the record label discussing how to grow his brand from producers to social media gurus. Fernando and Mari join the meeting, dressed in all white, to listen to the ‘tripods project’ as they are footing the bill. Adan chimes in that it was Doris turn last week and this week mom and dad get a say in things. All parties seem very happy with the way the first ‘love song’ has turned out so Fernando seals it with a kiss, to Adan. It is such a sweet moment and the song sounded very smooth so we can’t wait to hear more!

Paulina is on a date with her beau, Jose, who she met 18 years in a grocery store before being reacquainted 6 months ago. They speak about how they are both single parents to kids and how lucky they are to have found each other again and Jose looks absolutely smitten. Oscar speaks to his kids about meeting Tarek on Grindr and he explains it as the hookup site, to which they start to ask questions both about how the app works and his relationship with Tarek.

Adan meets with Doris at a small cafe and he plays her his music, over a loudspeaker, very loudly.  While she likes the song, Adan lies to her that she is the first person to hear, which she knows isn’t true. She expresses her concerned to him about him sounding ‘teeny bopper-ish’ and he should be honing in on his musical style as he is 27 years old. I can’t help but wonder how embarrassed Doris was even though she ‘100% believes in Adan.’ The episode ends in an ultimatum by Doris, its Fernando and Mari or herself. I think we know who Adan is going to choose- and I think Doris is knowingly taking this opportunity to bow her head out.

Catch more of Mexican Dynasties, a family-friendly show on Bravo, Tuesdays at 10pm.


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