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Mexican Dynasties Recap: S1E5 Grudges and Gefilte Fish

The Allende family at a Mexican Dynasties party

The Bessudos family takes a stroll to Doris’s favorite food cart for chicharrones, while Raquel seems to still be on a hunger strike. Jenny and Alan Allende arrive at their newly rented apartment in Mexico City and are excited to show their kids all that Mexico City has to offer. Oscar Madrazo is teaching his twins, Anyk and Axel to drive. And while he has trepidations, his mother Gaby knew how to get the twins driving like mini pros in no time. You go, Abuela!

Fernando discusses his painting, and while they make it seem almost comical (from my standpoint, art is subjective), I personally love what he has to offer. His inspiration and the way he cultivates his ideas are truly inspiring. Fernando listens as his wife Mari begins to describe how she is in a state of hypertension due to the families’ disagreement between the brothers Elan and Adan.

Raquel is prepping a traditional Jewish Shabbat dinner for all of the families and friends at their house. As they make challah from scratch, Doris quips that Raquel is “allergic to her kitchen and it looks so nice because it’s never used.” While they are having harmless mother-daughter banter, Raquel speaks on how her family immigrated to Mexico when the Jews were seeking asylum outside of Europe during WWII. She loves being able to take part in both of her prevalent cultures as a Mexican Jew.

Adan Allende is in the studio and seemingly very talented until those… high… notes… NOOO! While Mari compares her son to Whitney Houston and Freddie Mercury (I am really hoping she is being facetious), Oscar heads out on a date dressed in a blue sequenced tuxedo jacket looking beyond fabulous. As the tequila is flowing though however, his date with a London fashion designer falls flat. Oscar then realizes why he never got serious with this previous acquaintance, and that was the end of a rather cringe worthy date, so… “Thank u, next!”


Fernando educates Mari and Adan about the tradition of Shabbat and Gefilte Fish (nobody seems to be able to pronounce “Gelfite”). As the families arrive at Shabbat dinner, the Allende family seems distant. As they are trying to keep the party on zen mode, Fernando looks disappointed in Elan and Jenny when he finds out Elan sold all his belongings to start his new married life. Adan bought him a computer with a complete set of accessories to make music, which is beautiful. Elan and Adan eventually come to an agreement about their careers, and there is nothing but sincere admiration between the two. Now, this is what we have wanted to see the past four episodes: a nice case of brotherly love.

The women are kvelling over Oscar’s shirt, while Doris and Mari seem to be having conflicts in managing Adan’s music career. Just when Shabbat dinner had all the feels, Elan can’t seem to keep up appearances and blindsides his seemingly frustrated father. When we think we were going to reach some level of resolution between the father and son, we get a blanket and disingenuous apology to Fernando. Begging the question, will Elan’s true feelings ever reach Fernando’s heart?


Doris mentions that when her father passed, Oscar and Gaby happened to be In Israel and placed a note in the Wailing Wall for them. That was so meaningful for Doris and something she would never forget and appreciated greatly. Just like that, Shabbat dinner ends in a conga line, which may not be traditional, but it’s certainly a great way to end a dinner party!

Oscar speaks on an old flame and wanting to see where it goes and invites him to Mexico. His mother Gaby gave him great advice to go after what he wants and that if his heart breaks, she would glue it back together.  This is the moment Oscar’s mother clinched the MVP of the episode. Fernando is invited to the studio to listen to Elan and Jenny’s album tracks and is so elated and encouraging to his son and quite impressed. Fernando speaks on being raised by his grandparents and on learning to be a father. He gushes on how his son always had the music in him from a young age. It is really refreshing to see Elan and Fernando on the same page and working together, but don’t think we didn’t notice he left Jenny out of all of those compliments.

It seems that for the very first time, this Mexican Dynasties episode concluded on a happy note, but I feel as if this won’t be the end to the Allende family drama. Can’t wait to tune into Bravo again next week at 10 pm!



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