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Mexican Dynasties Recap: S1E4 A Family Fractured

A dramatic opening ensues as Fernando Allende seems steadfast and hurt while Mari is upset in their ability to keep something dear to them. Cut to three days prior, Fernando and Mari are celebrating their 31 years together floating on the Xochimilco River which is known for its canals, that connects most of the settlements in the Valley of Mexico. The river has a floating market filled with boats of mariachi, tequila, food, floral headbands and knits where the three families are all having a fabulous time celebrating. Elan and Jenny joke about sexual relations between Mari and Fernando for a long-lasting marriage and Jenny needing the playbook. Wink, wink.

Adan is meeting with producing partner of Ricky Martin, YES, I SAID RICKY MARTIN!!!! And Doris, Adan’s newest team member and publicist stopped by the recording studio to be a straight shooter and confidant. Doris points out the producers are paid and that Adan is wasting their time as he isn’t ready to be in the studio with incomplete work and pitch issues. Doris and Adan take their meeting to a coffee shop where Fernando and Mari seemed to be mysteriously invited to join. Mari is upset when she finds out Doris was invited in the studio and she wasn’t. But the Allende and Bessudo family seem to be on the same page of doing what’s best for Adan, for now.

Elan and Jenny have their One Stop Music contract to make one full album and Elan and Jenny are looking like they are having lots of fun in the studio and killing it for their first song and we can’t wait to hear more! Oscar seemed frazzled driving, as he is dropping his kids to their first day at school and usually uses a driver. And I have to say, I was nervous watching him drive as well.

Doris and Paulina are taking a motorcycle driving class, when it only took what seemed a couple of tries to get going on their new ride before it cuts to them escaping to a coffee shop.  Doris expresses her longing for her husband of 28 years, who still resides in Beverly Hills but she is scared to leave her superwoman mother, Raquel so soon after her father’s passing. Paulina seems to be a good friend and consoles her while expressing she has concerns about her brother Oscar, his heart, and wanting him to settle in a new relationship.

Jenny and Elan arrive at their record signing party and are very excited but upset over their parents’ lack of acknowledgment towards their accomplishment.  Cue in Fernando taking the microphone to well, sing. When their music producers arrive they are being capitalized by their parents, so Jenny and Elan seem to be in agreement to just let the drinks flow. And this is all happening as Mari deceptively places Adan on the mic for everyone to hear, but mostly One Stop Music.

Doris Bessudo is excited that her husband Jorge is arriving in Mexico City as she quips she can finally have a meal with someone who eats more than half a mango. From the second Jorge steps in the car, you fall in love with him. He is enamored with his wife. This is when we get the backstory of Doris going to fat camp to get skinny so she can marry her husband. That’s so sweet? Jorge steps into his mothers-in-law’s apartment and there are two beds pushed together with rose petals in shape of a heart, loving the 1950’s throwback. I hope they can have a meaningful night without falling between the beds.

Paulina is out to drinks with her brother and they are having a heart to heart about finding Oscar a loyal partner.  Over some gin and tonics Oscar seems to agree he is ready to have his heart occupied by another but from what I see dating while on a reality show can be tough. I am just really rooting for Oscar to find the new love in his life, besides Paulina of course.

The day after the signing party the family is at a park and Jenny seems to have had enough with the sibling rivalry between Adan and Elan and is clapping back, Elan is trying to keep the peace while Adan is still fronting his feelings while calling Jenny, Yoko in his interviews. Fernando doesn’t seem to see where Jenny and Elan are coming from but agrees it shouldn’t be a competition between the brothers but the family rivalry has escalated to a new height and you feel the tension.

Arriving back home, Adan is belting out his high notes when it cuts back to Mari upset with Fernando’s consolation, and we are back to the beginning of the episode showing the family is actually fractured. Mari feels as if Elan has changed and Jenny is always putting Adan down and she wants the family to feel less like a tripod and more like a five-pod. Fernando is worked up and he is putting his foot down to get his family back on track. There is always some levity floating through the Allende family with jokes and their ability to show love, but we are starting to really feel the glimmer of some deep seeded animosities.

With temperatures rising, let’s hope the Allende family can come together for what is most important.

Watch Mexican Dynasties on Bravo Tuesdays at 10PM EST.


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