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Mexican Dynasties Recap: S1E3 La Voz of Reason

The birthday song rings out by a mariachi band as Oscar is awakened by the sound echoing through his bedroom with his kids jumping around him. Paulina gives herself the credit for giving Oscar such a memorable morning as they sing their own funny rendition of the birthday song.

Fernando and Mari Allende wake up once again at 1:30PM-proving they party very hard or take beauty sleep to the next level. Adan joins his parents in bed for morning cuddles; he’s 27 years old. And Elan and Jenny arrive from Florida with their children and are staying at their parents as well. Mari is beaming but Elan ensures his mom that the situation is temporary and they are looking for an apartment.

Doris Bessudo is at a doggy beauty parlor and her dog Gizzy is being truly pampered. Adan Allende walks in, Doris shows how impressed she was with Adan singing at her party. Digging into Adan’s musical ways, she offers him her PR advice including that he should have never turned down La Voz! Uh, Oh…. Doris hopes she isn’t overstepping, but it seems as if the Allende family might still be torn apart on this one.

Paulina and Oscar Mazrado are getting ready for their show while talking about Oscar’s birthday S&M party. Paulina admits that she has a soul mate, named Oscar but she also has a boyfriend and that she wants Oscar to meet someone as well. Oscar agrees that he wants someone with a large (enter hand gesture here) personality.

Elan & Jenny seem to be distraught over their living situation and packing up their suitcases to find themselves more room. We did get the answer to why Jenny, Mari & Adan woke up in the afternoon and that’s because those three, and only those three were partying and playing music into the early morning. Seriously wanting to be included here! With FOMO setting in, I am wondering if Adan is single – I hope my husband doesn’t mind?

Raquel and Doris are getting ready for the “sado-modas-chista” party and I love the way Doris is educating her mother on sex toys. As Fernando and Mari feel bad about La Voz, they are treating their son to retail therapy. Then Adan hits his parents to let them know that Doris threw her hat in the ring to be Adan’s new PR person. Fernando and Mari seem to be shocked and hurt but are not ready to relinquish any power. So, for now, we are putting this baby to rest.

As the families get ready for the S&M party it seems as if everyone is getting ready by putting on collars including Oscar and Paullina’s mother who must be entering her 80’s. Which has me screaming, Si! Jenny gushes on how Adan had affections on her first, but she only had eyes for the older Allende brother. You can’t fool her though; she called Adan out for laughing and giggling with her and calling her Yoko behind her back. But come on J – we all know that’s flattery at its finest.

With a shower of mystery in the air, they show up at the party adorned in, lion statues, over-the-top cocktails, a fog machine and men in very tight leather underwear. Whips in hand, everyone seems to be having a great time, until Doris arrives and doesn’t seem to be into this scene. Mari fiercely approaches Doris about managing her prodigal son, Adan. This little catfight isn’t going to go down easy, because Mari states over her dead body that Adan will work with Doris. Oscar gets stood up on his birthday and is disappointed and shares this is why he isn’t excited about his sisters’ new beau, Jose.

The next day, Adan arrives at Doris office and it seems as if he is going to make the deal, at 20% of earnings, against his parent’s best wishes. Doris is listening to Adan’s music and believes that with better management skills she can bring his career to the next level. Signing this deal without his parent’s consent, and ensuring she will not be dealing with his parents, I think we have a new hurricane on the horizon.

Let us hope the Bessudos and Allendes will be united in the end, but this is not going to go down easy.

Watch Mexicans Dynasties on Bravo, Tuesday @ 10PM.


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