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Mexican Dynasties Recap: S1 E7 Tres is a Crowd

Main characters from Mexican Dynasties

Long lost lovers are reuniting at last and Oscar Madrazo is hanging with his new beau Tarek. Hubba, Hubba! Tarek is incredibly handsome, and the two recall their past and discuss how best to move forward in the future. But with such a small backstory, I would like to know more about Tarek and his intentions, because it looks like these long lost lovers could be back on for good.

Raquel is meeting with a childhood friend named Sam. He is flirtatious, handsome and seems to be just what Raquel needs to get her groove back. But, feeling unsure of her readiness to fully re-enter society after recent death of her husband, she rebuffs his advances and will have none of the flirtatious attention! Okay, maybe she likes it, just a little bit.

Allende’s housekeeper is awakening Adan and Mari at 1:45 p.m. After Adan makes it out of bed, I wished it showed a time-lapse of what happened the night before because Adan may or may not have had a wicked hangover and Mari can’t seem to get out of her pajamas. Adan speaks to his mom about Doris and her latest ultimatum re: having more of a voice in Adan’s music career. Adan then tells his mom he would like Doris to be involved in every decision. Mari looks like she isn’t having any of it. Cue Jaws theme song here! But for now, she is keeping her mouth shut.

Over at Raquel’s condo, Doris and Raquel are getting in a yoga workout. This mother-daughter duo is straight-up relationship goals. Despite her personal feelings on the matter, Doris is supportive of anything that would make her mother happy, and tries to get the skinny on her mom’s non-date/date. Jenny and Elan are on a double date with Paulina and her boyfriend Jose. Highlight: Jenny swallowing some fried worm.

While Fernando is home painting a lion with a colorful mane, he speaks of his inspirations which makes me wonder where I can buy his latest masterpiece ‘Feline Good.’ Adan proudly announces his pant size, a women’s size 5 and while it may be a tight squeeze, I believe it takes a real man to admit he wears women’s pants? Maybe. While Mari is trying to push her managerial style on Adan, he isn’t having any of it.

The art exhibition begins and the families are all gathering to Doris’s event. Tarek is having his grand entrance to meet all the families but especially Oscar’s family and sister, Paulina. The mezcal is flowing as Paulina is making him feel very welcome. Next is a live presentation of an emerging artist Doris represents and Fernando was glued to the canvas, both figuratively and literally. This is until he decided to become the canvas himself and as his son, Elan says, “Hijacked the show.” But, the best part about all of this, is that now Fernando is walking around the party for the rest of the night with his face painted.

Raquel’s non-date, Sam, shows up at the soiree and causes a stir as Doris thinks it’s too early for her mother to be dating. Doris and Mari’s current frenemies are discussing how to manage Adan without stepping on each other’s toes. While they are currently agreeing to be on the same team, with these larger than life personalities, there is no way that this is going to end nicely.  Adan pulls Raquel onstage and kills his first song! The crowd is going wild and by his second song they sing the chorus. Can it get any better than that?! And then the dreaded high note, knocked Doris down a few pegs. I know she doesn’t want to say, I told you so, but perhaps she got more than what she bargained for with Adan?

To see what happens in Adan’s career and more with the blossoming relationships, watch Mexican Dynasties at 10pm on Bravo.


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