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Mexican Dynasties Recap S1 E2: A Star is Torn

Oscar and Paulina Madrazo pose for Bravo's show promo

Opening with an air of freshness Fernando is getting properly taken care of by his bidet. Doris the ‘environmentalist’ was educating the staff on not using plastic straws, while smoking a cigarette.  And Paulina and Oscar compete in a hula-hoop and tongue twister contest before one of their wiener dogs makes a break for it. Run, Forrest Run!  

Elan and Jenny look fabulous and walking into a music contract signing with Top Stop Music. While Adan sits on the couch with his parents Fernando & Mari describing his audition with La Voz before the cutaway of Adan mis-singing the American national anthem and Fernando bragging about his son’s vocal range.  

Doris is staying busy by managing her mother Raquel’s calendar. She describes her mother as a baby who needs constant attention.  But it looks as if Raquel is on the mend from her husband’s recent passing and ready to book out her calendar. Gabriela Madrazo, the mother of Oscar and Paulina is setting up a canasta party for the families. And Jenny & Mari Allende are bonding over fashion proving fire and ice can be perfect compliments for these hot tamale Puerto Rican ladies.  

Fernando Allende is fiercely advocating that his son does not go forward with the La Voz contract as it is a beginners contract and not in his benefit and he himself would never sign such a document. Keep talking Fernando so I can see more of you in that speedo! Ay, cha cha!  

Canasta has begun with the women dripping in gold, apparent frenamies Mari and Raquel complimenting each others makeup and both interviewing on how terrible one another looked with one quim being ‘dipped in mustard’ was simply AMAZING. Then with a serious turn of events, it came to light that Raquel also has bad blood between Oscar’s children Anik and Axel who were offended from a few years back on asking them if they were adopted. But, all was cleared up with much grace, as it was Oscar’s goal to provide his kids understanding and forgiveness and all ended well in a hug.  Begging the question, “Oscar, will you adopt me?”  

Then just on cue, Raquel joked that he was ‘the ugly one’.  Which causes another flush of tears from the children. I am now starting to see Raquel less as a Joan Rivers and more like the Anna Wintour character in The Devil Wears Prada. Watch out Mexico!  

Elan comes over to his parents and is having a brotherly love conversation with his baby bro saying not to do the La Voz contract, as it will hurt his career and his wallet with the admission that his brother is an amazing singer and songwriter.  But, it’s hard to concentrate with all the handsomeness going around that family! Adan swiftly claps back with a handful of snappy remarks that looks like the intention is not to listen to his overbearing older brother. Elan then goes on to say his brother hasn’t moved out because he has it made with his housekeeper Chio and all that she does for him including, ‘being surprised she doesn’t wipe his ass.” With the cutaway of Chio stating “That’s where I draw the line.” YES CHIO! YES!  

Jenny and Elan are sitting down discussing the argument that just arose between the brothers while Adan comes in and Jenny is trying to get through to Adan that he is talented yet, he needs to be open to their advice and they are just trying to help him in his life and career. But, this feud isn’t going anywhere because Adan equates his brother and sister-in-law as mosquitos buzzing in his ears. Fernando and Mari come down with more news the lawyers strongly agree that it is not in his best interest and Adan backs down and says he will pass on La Voz. 

Seems there is a lot more to come for these families, including a surprise wake-up mariachi, a possible new manager for Adan (achmmm Doris) and an S&M party? This is all too hot to handle and can’t wait until next week!  

To keep up with Mexican Dynasties, tune in to Bravo Tuesday nights at 10pm.


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