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10 Tweets For People In Long Distance Relationships

Ain’t love just grand? You know what’s not grand though, having the person you love be farther than a drive, bus or train ride. Long-distance relationships are the heart-wrenchingly awful. They are like going through a breakup, over and over again but not really, because it’s not a breakup, it’s more like enforced cosmic separation. Sure, sure its all exciting when you see each other again, especially after you get through the first few days of awkwardly getting reacquainted, but there is nothing worse than standing at the airport or train station and watching your beau depart. It just feels awful. 

Then you return home to listen to a bunch of sad music. And everyone around you tells you it’s basically doomed and even you know that your relationship but has an expiration date if you don’t make plans to be together soon. But love makes you do crazy things like putting your heart through a perpetual breakup.

  1. A lot could happen in 13 hours

2) When you got G chat, FaceTime, and What’s app synced

3) When your computer is an active part of your relationship

4) Sleep…who needs sleep when you have love.

5) Reuniting is all cute and all, but separating again is horrendous

6) When the social limitation on calls and texts goes out the window

7) Imagine.

8) When you try to justify this madness to your friends

9) When cuddling a pillow will have to do

10) When you become self righteous about love with couples who see reach other IRL


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