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Lip Sync Battle: Past Favorites and Future Wishlist MatchUps

Luis Fonsi performing "It'll Be Me" on Lip Sync Battle

Paramount Network’s “Lip Sync Battle” returns tonight with the premiere of Season 5. This season’s trailer teases performances by a few of our LatinX favorites such as Lele Pons and Prince Royce, in addition to superstars Mariah Carey and Serena Williams. There will even be a husband vs. wife face off with Andy Roddick competing against Brooklyn Decker.

This got us reminiscing about our past favorite matchups and dreaming of what future celebrities we would love to see battle it out for the championship belt.

Past Favorites

Joan Smalls vs. Luis Fonsi

Smalls really let her hair down and had fun with her rendition of “Black Beatles”. (Plus she embodied the red-dress dancing emoji with her first song, Fonsi’s own “Despacito”). Then Fonsi brought back one of America’s all time favorite boy bands with *NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” – marionette strings, ramen noodle hair, and all.

Zendaya vs. Tom Holland

These two can dance! Zendaya really became Bruno Mars while performing “24k Magic”. And who knew Holland had it in him to take on both Gene Kelly and Rihanna in a single mash up of “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Umbrella”? So unexpected.

Gina Rodriguez vs. Wilmer Valderrama

Okay, so I may still be stuck in the 00s with my boy band obsession but Valderrama’s “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” performance makes me smile every time. Then there’s Rodriguez who found a way to be both entertaining and spread a message of inclusion with her “Free Your Mind”. As the song says, “Free your mind and the rest will follow, Be colour blind, don’t be so shallow”.

Hayden Panettiere vs. Eva Longoria

Longoria clearly had fun with her long hair extensions and stuffed butt in her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and Panettiere welcomed the one and only Christina Aguilera to the stage in “Lady Marmalade”.

John Krasinski vs. Anna Kendrick

It would make sense that the show’s own creator is also one of the best contestants. Krasinski went all out performing “Proud Mary” starting the song in a men’s suit and ending dressed as Tina Turner herself, sparkly skirt and all. Kendrick topped this, and ultimately won the episode, with her own surprise…Jennifer Lopez coming on stage during “Booty”.

We’ve also gotta throw out an honorable mention to Jimmy Fallon who did the original Lip Sync Battle bit on The Tonight Show before it became its own show. We will never forget his competition against Emma Stone.

Wishlist Contenders

Now thinking ahead to future seasons, here are a few ideas for the show’s bookers for match ups we would love to see:

“Hot Pursuit” Reunion: Sofia Vergara vs. Reese Witherspoon

Their height difference alone is enough to get a chuckle, can you imagine what their lip sync battle would look like? I’m thinking Vergara would rock an Ariana Grande chart-topper like “thank u, next” and Witherspoon could take on some Dolly Parton.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Showdown: Melissa Fumero vs. Stephanie Beatriz

These two are gold together on screen in their TV show, and we know their characters are super competitive, who would win a real life Lip Sync Battle?

Battle of the Jessicas: Jessica Alba vs. Jessica Biel

Alba’s got a mind for strategic planning with her The Honest Company brand and can hold her own in a rom-com. And Biel’s got the added value of studying her husband Justin Timberlake’s performances while on tour. I’m really not sure which Jess would take home the belt.

Disney Diva Off: Demi Lovato vs. Selena Gomez

These real life friends could have a blast stepping outside of their own music worlds and playing in someone else’s. We already saw Gomez play around with lip syncing in the Call Me Maybe” viral video, time for an encore?

Shakira Tribute with Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Every once in awhile the show does tributes to legendary artists. What about a tribute to Shakira featuring the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” duet singers Cabello and Mendes?

What do you think? Who would you love to see pick up the (fake) microphone? Pick your favorite match up below.


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