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Lil Nas X Is Not On Your Level

Lil Nas X TIME

The swag. The song. The TIME cover shoot. This is Lil Nas X’s time, and honestly, it’s safe to say he’s not on your level. Going from unemployed and pushing his music through the internet to stardom it’s clear to see that he exists in a category entirely on his own.

Today, TIME unveiled their latest magazine cover featuring the record-breaking artist smoldering while wearing a PHLEMUNS suit. The featured article, written by Andrew R. Chow, which tells the inspiring backstory to his journey, is a must read.

Photo Credit: Kelia Anne for TIME

Lil Nas X is an artist who has seized his moment and one of the keys to his ascension is his belief in being genuinely himself. Another is the music. Both have caused a ripple effect that served as a revelation of what is possible in the digital era.

In this NY Times Diary of a Song, Lil Nas X and his team of collaborators discuss with Joe Coscarelli the construction of ‘Old Town Road’ which went from TikTok Meme to No. 1.

Pretty damn impressive.


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