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Lil Miquela Interviews J Balvin For Coachella Live Stream

J Balvin and Lil Miquela at Coachella

Robotic musician, model and influencer, Lil Miquela, was “seen” hanging out with celebrities at Coachella during the festival’s first weekend. From Rosalia to J Balvin, she shared scarily realistic posts making us wonder if at any point we could’ve run into her had we been there.

If her picture doesn’t mess with you, her interview with J Balvin might. Some of the YouTube commenters noted that in the interview she’s actually moving, since her IG posts are mainly still photos. Others, pointed out that her voice sounded noticeably different than when she did a phone interview with Shane Dawson in 2017. So it seems the verdict is still out as to who Miquela is. What we do know is that she’s a good interviewer and that she even speaks Spanish! Watch her “try” to speak it…perfectly.  


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