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Level Up Your Apartment: Easy DIY Projects

Woman creating wall art with tape

Summer’s here and you need stuff to do. Why not improve your quality of life by changing up your pad? Here’s some easy projects to inject some life into your apartment, without needing landlord approval!

Make something!

Tape is an easy decorating tool. You can fix your mistakes and it isn’t permanent. Lots of kinds of tape can be used for a range of artistic styles, and washi tape comes in all kinds of colors and patterns. Here’s an easy one to get started with, and you can use these techniques to create more advanced pieces.

Techmag breaks down smart bulbs

Is your room too bright at night? Is it oddly yellow during the day? Throw some smart bulbs into your sockets and witness the benefits of dimming and color changing luminosity. Many are compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, and you can quickly build scenes for late night movies, parties, or studying. They cost more. but offer a lot of fliexibility, last longer, and use less power.

Plants bring the happy

An easy way to improve your space is to add plants. A few houseplants can go a long way towards keeping you happier and your air fresher. Snag a couple at a local nursery and then put them into real pots so they last a long time.


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