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LatinX Video Game Creators Share Their Stories and Knowledge

Closeup of hands holding a playstation 4 controller

Video games are a now one of the major pillars of entertainment. Just about everyone you know has played a video game once, or owned a console at some point in their life. We know the companies behind the games, but have you ever seen the people that actually create them?

GDC 2018 hosted a panel with 4 LatinX creators to talk about their varying careers in game development, and their personal journeys that took them there. They touch on what inspired them to get into the art and business of video games, and how their environments, such as the city of Chihuahua, Mexico, influence their creations. They also touch on some great ways to increase the presence of LatinX people in the video game industry, and what surprising job opportunities there are that don’t involve programming. Check out the video below!


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