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Latinos Who Lunch: Welcome 2019 With a Last Dance To The Best of 2018

Favy Fav and Babelito from Latinos Who Lunch podcast

Some of us received the new year singing and dancing with hopes that the rest of the year would be as musical and relaxing, right? Well, if we ignore “the shutdown” and tune in to some good music, we might be OK. We said “might”… For now, one of our favorite podcasts has kept us in a great mood. If you haven’t tuned in to “Latinos Who Lunch”, you might be missing out on great chats with your new best friends, Favy Fav and Babelito.

In this episode, being their first cast of the year, the guys reconnect after the holidays and (spoiler alert) they talk about Babelito’s wedding! The way they talk about their experiences during the last few weeks will make you want to call your friends and make them tune in so you can discuss the episode after. Don’t worry though, the episode is not only about the holidays, they also talk about music.  Since we’re only two weeks into 2019 and new releases are still rolling out, we decided it would be a good idea to revisit this cast to listen to Favy Fav and Babelito’s favorite albums of 2018 to keep our New Year’s dance buzz a little longer.

Favy Fav’s Picks

  1. Bad Bunny featuring Drake – “Mia” (Puerto Rico)
  2. Karol Conka – “Vogue do Gheto” (Brazil)
  3. Kali Uchis – “Dead To Me” (Colombia)


Babelito’s Picks

  1. Odisseo – “Los Imanes”  (Mexico)
  2. Los Walters – “Caramelo” (Puerto Rico)
  3. Rosalia – “Malamente” (Spain)


AND, their official Latinos Who Lunch (LWL) favorite album of the year was… we’ll let them tell you. In case you don’t have time to listen to the full podcast, go to minute 1:07:00. Enjoy!


Was that the album you expected would be their number one? What was your Latinx album or song of 2018? Share your favorites in the comments below or DM us your playlist!


Tirili titiritiri pssh… (on a break ’til next LWL featured episode) 😉




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