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Katy Perry is “Never Really Over” the Pop World

When Twitter decides to cancel an artist, it’s really hard to come back; which explains why it’s been so difficult for Katy Perry to be back on top, until now.

After the public debacle of her last album, Witness, Katy pushed for relevancy by being a judge on American Idol, dropping a single with Zedd, and launching a shoe collection. None of it seemed to stick. Instead, it seems like she will be coming back with the kind of stuff she does best: bubblegum pop.

She recently released a strong contender for song of the summer called “Never Really Over” and you gotta add it to your playlist asap.

The song wrestles with themes of growth and healing over a production that could easily be part of a post-Teenage Dream. Almost as if we never had “Witness.”

We suggest you turn up the volume, pop the mimosas, and get your summer truly started.


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