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Jimmy Kimmel: Queer Eye To The Rescue (Guillermo’s Rescue?)

Guillermo's makeover intro clip with one of the guys from Queer Eye at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel asked the guys from Queer Eye to do him a big favor. Jimmy really wanted our beloved Guillermo to get a makeover. Apparently, his Ed Hardy or as Jimmy put it, “Ed Softy”, shirt was not doing it for him.

After each one of the Queer Eye guys had time to work with Guillermo, the end result was just as great as we all hoped it would be. Take a look.

Queer Eye is back with season 3. Get ready to laugh, healthy snack (cause, the guilt) and maybe cry a little with this uplifting show – as Netflix put it, “it’s more than a makeover.” Enjoy!

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