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Jasmine’s New Song In “Aladdin” Inspires

Naomi Scott

On May 24th, 2019, Disney released the live-action version of their acclaimed animated film, “Aladdin.” Fans will be able to hear even more of their favorite songs and see these amazing characters in real life!

But wait, that’s not all. This live feature even includes a solo song from Jasmine?

#Amazing! Jasmine is an independent woman that speaks up for herself when she is told to stay silent. The song brings out a more feminist aspect of the film and changes how you might look at the character.

For some, it might seem weird that Disney made a new song just for the live action version, but it wouldn’t do justice to Naomi Scott’s voice to only have her sing Jasmine’s part in the duet of “A Whole New World.”

How can this song be even more powerful? It turns out, there are parts of the film where Scott is singing LIVE!


If you’d like to hear more of Naomi Scott’s beautiful voice, check out this video of her in Lemonade Mouth singing “She’s So Gone.” We’re still in our feels.


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