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Is #ElChicano our John Wick?

Snapshot of El Chicano

Growing up, I loved action movies. From the historically inspired to anything with Bruce Willis, the highlight of my weekends was always movie time with my dad – no Princess Diaries for me.

Even though the plot of the movie wouldn’t really change, we would still go all-in on the action.

The Plot? White guy saves the world and foreigners are the villains. Fast forward twenty years, and we’re finally seeing changes in the story. Minorities are increasingly being cast as the leads. #Aplausos

It’s great to see more Latinx actors on screen representing the community. But still, very few films have an all Latin or Hispanic cast. The latest movie to join the “representation matters” movement is El Chicano with performances by Raúl Castillo, Emilio Rivera, George Lopez and Kate del Castillo.

El Chicano was inspired by director Ben Hernandez Bray’s real life experiences. Talk about seeing yourself on screen.

The nationwide release is scheduled for May 3rd, so don’t make any plans that day. So far, the movie has been screened at film festivals with great acceptance from the audience. Such is the case that there appear to be talks about a prequel, a sequel, comics and graphic novels. Wowza. Take a look.

#ElChicano #VigilanteVsSuperhero #SomosGuerreros


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