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How One Word Can Change Everything: #ImproveAMovieWithOneWord

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bloom

Jimmy Fallon is at it again with his latest hashtag: #ImproveAMovieWithOneWord. It’s crazy how one slight word change can make us look at our favorite movies in a totally new way. Enjoy this collection of top responses to The Tonight Show hosts’ challenge!

Step aside Lady Gaga, we’re going under the sea

We will never be able to think about these classics in the same way…

(Yesssss, Michael!)


Now I’m hungry.

Can you imagine the cast for this one?

Some tweeters took this challenge to a political place

Including many about President Trump’s promised border wall

There were a few responses for you scary movie enthusiasts out there

You know Disney movies were included


Ha, Elsa and Anna get to eat too!

We found a few for any fantasy fans too!

And even a little something for the Office fans out there…


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