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High school teacher uses memes for grading

Ainee Fatima is a Chicago high school teacher. She teaches media studies class and decided to take her grading to another level. A funny and very relevant solution for grading was created this month people – grading with memes. That’s right, Ainee took it upon herself to make grading entertaining for her students. Why are we all so amazed by this? It’s nice to see teachers trying to connect with their students and staying true to the reason that made them want to teach in the first place. Even Gordon Ramsey gave her  “3 * […] great incentive and such a positive cool idea……” Nice.


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I had to print these out to express my frustration while grading. However, they were so well received by my kids. The student who got this exam back started giggling & asked if she could correct her answers. A lot of kids who wouldn’t care asked too! This was important to me. This is the classroom culture I have, my kids are awesome and always share memes with me so I reached out to them in a way they would understand ? ‼️ also huge shout out to @cassyathenaphoto who took the famous Nick Young Meme picture! So iconic! The image is 100% hers – I just printed them out on sticker paper. . . . . #teacher #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #school #teachersfollowteachers #classroom #students #teach #teacherspayteachers #instagram #iteach #motivation #learning #teachergram

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Key takeaways from “meme grading”

1) It avoids giving back a test or homework with red marks. Depends how much you studied the night before, your papers can look a bit spotted with red marks or like a kindergartner was left alone all morning with your paper and a red crayon. Yikes.

2) It sets a funny tone. You are actually curious to see what your paper will look like. Remember when getting test results was scary? You get funny memes when you have wrong answers but positive memes are just as good, so stay smart, okurrr!

3) You can create your own memes and hope your friends will get them on their next paper. Oh the possibilities.


The best part about Ainee’s technique? She wants to share it with other teachers.




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