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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Bravo’s New Show ‘Mexican Dynasties’

Oh Dios mío! We have a new Bravo show on the horizon and Mexican Dynasties is the perfect add to our Bravo watchlist.

Mexican Dynasties follows three illustrious families, that have been interconnected for decades, in bustling Mexico City. The Allendes, Bessudos and Madrazo family, attaining their wealth from entertainment, beverage and luxury auto industries prove to have what it takes to charm the audience.

In Bravo terms think of it as ‘Don’t be Tardy’ meets ‘Real Housewives’. In which Beverly Hills housewife Kyle Richards seems to be connected to Dynasty’s own Doris Bessudos. Doris, who lived in Beverly Hills, is a relative of Kyle’s real estate mogul husband, Mauricio Umansky.

Allende Family: Born in Mexico City, Fernando Allende is a megastar and 80’s heartthrob married to his wife Mari, 30 years. They have two sons, Elan and Adan both in the entertainment industry. Elan left the band and married his wife Jenny that left their parents managing his artistic endeavors. Elan and Jenny share two young children and a new joint record deal, in which Jenny hopes to gain her in-laws approval.

Bessudo Family: Raquel Bessudo, a recent widower, is considered the “Grand Dame of Beauty” in Mexico, looking to re-enter the digital life of dating. She embodies epitome socialite and philanthropist. Raquel has one daughter, a public relations maven, Doris Bessudo who moved to Mexico City from Beverly Hills to help her mother after the passing of the family patriarch, Leon Bessudo.

Madrazo Family: Siblings and self-proclaimed “soul mates,” Oscar and Paulina Madrazo, co-host their popular television show “Qué Madrazo.” Oscar owns the largest modeling agency in Latin America. He made waves, being one of the first openly gay men in Latin America. Oscar has twin teenage sons, Anyk and Axel. Paulina is an executive at Oscars modeling agency and is a divorced mother of two.

Despite living in beautiful homes with over-the-top lifestyles, life will unfold and prove its challenges for the families to overcome. This show has the all the makings to be its own bustling franchise and we can’t wait to see what drama unfolds!

This is everything and more Andy Cohen, so we thank you!

Mexican Dynasties premiers on Bravo, February 26th, 10/9c

Updated Monday, March 18, 2019


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  1. Michele March 16, 2019

    What an embarrassment of Mexican people & their families. Shame on Bravo for this reach at entertainment

    But I love you Andy

  2. Tanya March 16, 2019

    Just FYI Fernando Allende was born in Mexico City. His wife was born in Puerto Rico. Whoever wrote this article needs to get their facts straight.

  3. Karen Hicks March 19, 2019

    I HATE THIS SHOW what a big waste of time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything Bravo and Andy Cohen am one of his biggest fans , however I can’t stand this new show. It’s horrible ,stupid and such a bore.
    Can you also get Kim Beirman yo deflate her lips they are disgusting.

  4. Cat715 March 21, 2019

    I love this show but am already up set with sone of the cast!! The WSU that Fernando treats his oldest son and his wife makes me sick! He and his wife spoil they’d younger son rotten and actually are leading him to believe that he can sing!! Meanwhile, the oldest son and his wife have a record contract and he gives them no praise or help. It’s truly disgusting watching Fernando and his wife mistreat his oldest son while babying the younger one who acts so ugly ! On a side note, the brother and sister are my favorites!

  5. Sandy April 17, 2019

    I love this show, especially since I am Hispanic. It has so many funny moments that I can relate to with my family. After watching it, I’m not a fan of Fernando Allende. He is so mean to his eldest son and his wife and I hate how he uses his hired help. Having one of them hold his paint pot while he paints, seriously? I love the Bessudos and the Madrazos!

    1. Lucy April 18, 2019

      I have never seen a less talented group of people!!! Especially the son, who actually believes the crap his parents have told him. And he thought he would go on the Voice? Or was it Idol?? He would have been on at the beginning, as a joke, where all the fools are put on as a joke

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