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#HelloDecember: Classic Films To Watch This Christmas Season

Baby it’s cold outside (cue music)

It’s that time of the year when you just want to get home from school or work, put on your fluffy super cool socks, and hibernate – till the weekend.  What better way to spend your time at home than catching up on your Christmas must see? Everyone has their list of favorites. Whether it’s the nice, good hearted ones or live actions plots, we’ve curated a list we think you might like.  Did any of these make it to your Christmas movie list?

Home Alone: This parody Home Alone reunion by VJ4rawr2 will make you want to make this movie a reality.


The Grinch: After watching this year’s new Grinch movie, we felt like rewatching Jim Carey’s The Grinch. It just made sense, right? Here’s a funny clip from Fandango.


And some bloopers too 😉  Thanks MovieIsNow.


Love Actually: Deleted scenes by Novidades Cinema. Try watching the movie again with these scenes in mind.


Elf: Deleted scenes are always good to watch. Makes us reevaluate the movie and say, “yep, I see it” or “sucks, that would’ve been funnier” (said our director alter ego). Here’s a clip by Fandango.


Jack Frost: An emotional yet entertaining movie. If I have kids, I’ll scare them saying I’ll come back as a snowman or easter bunny (always watching them…). Thanks for the idea WB :p


Bad Santa: Although there’s a sequel, the original is still the one to watch.  We found a few funny clips, but Fandango’s trailer was the safest 😉


Santa Clause: Tim Allen keeps it light hearted and entertaining. Shortroundbinks3 found great bloopers. Who’s Santa?


Gremlins: Scared? Just don’t spill water on your pet. (Fandango Movieclips)


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Another vacation gone wrong?  (Fandango Movieclips.com)


The Holiday: Don’t see this actually happening in real life, but hell, Jack Black is entertaining. (Fandango Movieclips)


Die Hard: Blooper trailers are great. Period. (YouTube: Slacktory)


Lethal Weapon: All the Lethal Weapon movies are a solid choice for the holidays. Want to get inspired? Watch some bloopers first.  (YouTube: FilmIsNow)


Edward Scissorhands: Everything about this movie just takes us back to simpler times. Thanks Johnny and Winona.  (YouTube: JohnVexer)


Nightmare Before Christmas: This was such an interesting and weird looking movie when it first came out, and 25 years later, we’re all still fans of Jack. (Fandango Movieclips)


Love The Coopers: Because sometimes we are all Olivia Wilde. Anyone need a “Christmas boyfriend”? (Fandango Movieclips)


Miracle on 34th Street: One of the best ones. This will make you feel all the feels. (YouTube: Video Detective)


Jingle All The Way: How can you forget Arnold’s quest for the perfect Christmas gift. Get it Arnold!  (Fandango Movieclips)


Batman Returns: Out of all the Batman movies, Batman Returns is our Christmas superhero go to. (YouTube: UltimateBatChannel)


Polar Express: This is a Christmas must watch. Tom Hanks still our favorite. (Fandango Movieclips)


It’s a Wonderful Life: No matter what Phoebe says it IS a Wonderful Life. (YouTube: Robert Scheribel)



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