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Hear Me Out: Netflix’s “Red Sea Diving Resort” Isn’t Worth It

Chris Evans

Netflix’s latest effort, emphasis on effort, could have been a great movie. On paper, the Chris Evans-led picture sounds like everything the Academy Committee loves: white savior story line, big budget, and a fa├žade for woke-ness.

I was intrigued to see what Evans would do in his post-Avengers career, because I had yet to know if his acting ranges beyond your typical chiseled, hot type. So after hitting “play” button, here’s what I think.

It was entertaining to a certain extent, but sucks because what was supposed to be based on an inspiring true story turned out to be completely flat AF. To top it off, the characters lacked the complex layers and development we all look for despite the good acting.

TL;DR: Netflix wasted millions on a story with so much potential, and I am disappointed.


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