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HBO + Comedy + Horror = “Los Espookys”

When I first read the name out loud, “Los Espookys”, it made me laugh. The title alone hints at a comedic spin on Latin-American life. Brought to you by the famed and hilariously clever, Fred Armisen, “Los Espookys” plucks at the guitarra strings of the trending obsessions of Mexico City youth.

After traveling there himself, Armisen packaged up friendship with a love of horror movies and gothic fashions and wrapped it in offbeat, nonsensical humor. A dramatic dusting of telenovela sparkle adds to this story of a fantastical group of friends who make money staging horror events.

SNL Writer, Julio Torres and actress-comedian, Ana Fabrega star in the show and helped bring Armisen’s brainchild to life, writing all of the episodes once the pilot was picked up. The New York Times has more on how “Los Espookys” ended up on HBO’s main channel.

Need more convincing?

Check out the trailer and catch the first episode tomorrow night!


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