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Halloween: The good and the sad

It’s almost Halloween guys! Are you ready for all the good (and random) things that come with this witchy day? We are, so we looked up the good, the bad, and the plain sad. Enjoy?



Pennychihuahua.  Source: @Mexicantarugadas.


Halloween perfect couple costume.  Source: @Mexicantarugadas.


El señor de las papitas. Amazing.  Source: @Mexicantarugadas.


The nun…or is it?  Source: @Memelasdeorizaba.


Halloween for pets must be brutal.  Source: @Memelasdeorizaba.


THE SAD…breakups and life can be difficult for these guys.

Perfect breakup? #Saquenlaschelas.  Source: @omgthisissous.


                                 Pennywise is having a rough night guys. Love hurts #Aiuda!


Michael can be the most famous killer right now, but he’s still like the rest of us. Oh the daily burdens of a commoner.  Source: Mucho Miedo Mx.


The Nun doing the Kiki challenge in between scaring people. Take it away Monja.  Source: Mucho Miedo Mx.


          He came back for the discounts and ended up here.  Source: Mucho Miedo Mx.


Predator fails at magic. We fail at life for not being there to see this in person.  Source: Mucho Miedo MX.



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Work it Juanpa or 6ix9ine? No money there. It’s all candy.


Let’s see what this year brings. Which costumes do you think will be the most popular ones, British royal pregnancies or new Justices?


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