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#Hadouken! Gamertag Radio Talks All Things Street Fighter

Street Fighter game.

Since 2005, Danny Peña has been reporting on all things video games interviewing both his friends and industry experts alike. In this episode of Gamertag, Peña brings back the Battle of the Games: Street Fighter Edition. It’s been 32 years since it’s original release. No pos guau.

Raúl Juliá in Street Fighter

We go along for the nostalgic ride, even reminiscing over Raúl Juliá’s iconic turn as the maniac dictator M. Bison, in the 1994 film version of Street Fighter. Juliá had famously accepted the role because of his children and their love of the game. Tragically, that project would be his last, as he was battling stomach cancer, and died of complications from a stroke months later.

Peña and company also furiously debate which iteration of the game excels most in the following categories:

Street Fighter game with best cover
Best Street Fighter character
Most overrated character
Best Soundtrack
Worst Street Fighter game
First online Street Fighter game played

Listen to the podcast episode below, and test your gamer knowledge!


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