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Google Stadia Wants To Redefine the World of Gaming

Google exec on stage announcing Stadia.

Last month, Google made a big announcement about their new venture in the gaming scene at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The company introduced a new cloud gaming platform called Stadia.

Following the company’s announcement, The Verge reviews , “[…] Google wants to build the Netflix of video games. That way you can play any game on any screen anytime you [want to], regardless of what physical hardware you have. You [won’t] even need a console or a PC.”

According to the The Verge, other companies are already going after this model with their streaming services like Sony’s Playstation Now and Microsoft Project xCloud, and while Google is not the first one to try to dominate cloud gaming, it claims to be the first company to move into this space in this manner. If done well the combination of streaming video games, in-house game developing, and distribution would imply a huge shift in the industry. See The Verge’s full review.

Do you see Google succeeding with Stadia? Gamers have taken to social to express their skepticism about the platform, but it’s too early to tell how it will perform. What’s evident, is that companies are working on the next wave for the gaming world.


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