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Get to Know, Dan Levy: The Genius Behind Schitt’s Creek

Dan Levy in a black shirt and glasses

Before Pride month celebrations draw to a close, I’d love to highlight Dan Levy, an actor, writer and director who has created a safe haven for LGBTQA+ people.

Levy is an exceptional artist currently calling the shots for the hit Canadian comedy, Schitt’s Creek. This hilarious show is about a family that tries to make their way through in a small town after losing all their assets.

In addition to directing, Dan also plays “David,” the stylish and unapologetically queer pansexual son, of the now-struggling family. His performance is the entire reason to watch.

As a writer, Dan took care to create a setting free of hatred, where everyone is accepted as they are, regardless of sexual orientation or absurdity of character.

Levy has been vocal about the importance of showcasing a real LGBTQIA+ romance in all its complexity, the good and the bad, and explains his activism in the queer community in greater detail for GQ.

All four seasons of Schitt’s Creek are available to stream via Netflix. What are you waiting for? #getyourbingeon


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