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Gamertag Radio: “Battle of the Games” Takes On Mario Kart

Image of Mario in Mario Kart 8 poster

The 90s gave us great music, legendary TV shows and awesome video games. And there is no doubt the decade was off to a good start, when in the year 1992 we were introduced to Mario Kart. The game, released for the Super NES, was received with critical acclaim. Since then, it’s become a staple in console, handheld and online gaming.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or haven’t played since you were a kid, it’s the one that comes to mind when we reminisce about video games growing up or even rate a new gaming platform. When it was released on Nintendo Switch, it was a booming success.

This episode of “Battle of the Games” tries to rate Mario Kart but it seems this battle was a little tough for the guys. Could it be that we all have a special place for Mario Kart? When trying to decide if they were going to name the worst Mario Kart, the question changed naming the game that offered the least.

Throughout the episode, the guys compare their favorite and least liked characters, the best levels, the best technical game, best Mario Kart overall and agree that there should be Mario Kart competitions – eSports?

Listen to this “Battle of the Games” and tell us which Mario Kart you think should win this battle.


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