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Gabriel Iglesias In a (Súper) Hot Interview

Gabriel Iglesias in Hot Sauce Challenge Interview

Sean Evans from First We Feast engages in a battle of wit with comedian Gabriel Iglesias in this episode of Hot Ones. During the en fuego wing-eating interview they talk cars, food adventures, death hoaxes, and WWE catchphrases, among other fluffy topics.

But really, it’s about the hot chili peppers.

“If there is anybody out there watching this who thinks aw man, I bet they’re not even that hot. It’s fake. Or it’s just…it’s a plant, and that’s how they get people to come on their show. No. No. This burns. It hurts.”

Gabriel Iglesias, Comedian

The two have to eat 10 wings coated with sauces that rank high on the Scoville Scale and keep getting hotter. Do you think Gabriel will be able to make it all the way through?

Here’s a list of the hot sauces in case you dare…

1) Ancho & Morita
2) Louisiana hot sauce
3) The Bronx Hot Sauce
4) Hot Ones fiery chipotle
5) Hamajang
6) Karma Sauce
7) Dawson’s Hot Sauce
8) Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity
9) Mad Dog 357 (with a bullet?)
10) The Last Dab


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