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Fortnite Faces Technical Difficulties, Leaving Players Frustrated for Hours

London, England - June 13, 2018: Teenager playing Fortnite video game, Fortnite is a web based multi player survival game developed by Epic Games. - Image

Gamers around the world gathered online last night to experience Fortnite’s “The End” in anticipation of the popular game’s 11th season inauguration. But much to gamers’ dismay, screens turned up as a black hole for hours.

In the blackout that lasted for nearly four hours, dedicated believers of over 150,000 strong continued to stand by in hopes of seeing the event recover itself. Technical difficulties like server maintenance can happen once in a while to games like Fortnite, but it all boils down to bad timing, especially when it came to yesterday’s “The End” event.

While no official statement from Fortnite’s creator Epic Games was released, Playstation assured fans and players that gaming data will not be lost despite the blackout.

Vivian Wang

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