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Fire In The Hole! Our Favorite Spicy Food Challenges

Young woman eating spicy food

Into watching people suffer? Us too! Spicy food challenges never finish without some pain. These brave people set their mouths and buttholes on fire, for the views, the likes, or simply just the competition and pride.

Natalie done f’d up

The Paqui One Chip challenge sounds easy: eat a single chip coated in Carolina Reaper dust. However, many cannot do it and come away unscathed. Check out this news crew as they all attempt this seemingly simple dare. Poor Natalie…

Good luck, Mr. Ramsey

Hot Ones is an amazing series, and Gordon Ramsey gives us one of our favorite episodes to date. You’ll be equally entertained by his great stories as you will his suffering as he makes his way through the gauntlet of progressively hotter wings.

Would you like some sweat with your chicken?

LA BEAST is no stranger to challenges. From giant sushi rolls to huge ice cream cones, he has attempted it all. While his Carolina Reaper taco video is a good watch, our favorite is this 40 Nuclear Wing challenge.

Send noods

Spicy Ramen sounds great, but most of us are used to a casual spice, not throat-burning insanity. Samyang makes a ramen pack called Buldak Bokkeum Myun, and it is freakin’ hot, man! Watch Karen Garcia take a stab at a bowl of these fire noods.


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  1. David July 10, 2019

    great article however you left out the craziest spicy challenge out there… The Death Nut Challenge – over 25 million views on YouTube


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