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Exploring Non-Monogamy

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We keep hearing about people involved in open relationships, triads, throuples, and polyamory. Some people agree with and support these types of relationships, and some think they are unhealthy or immoral. What isn’t up for debate is that these “non-traditional” connections are becoming both more common and more understood by others.

In fact, in this YouGov study from 2016, only 35% of Hispanics surveyed said that their ideal relationship would be completely monogamous. Regardless of what you think, an unbiased look is good for everyone, and that is exactly what AsapSCIENCE brings to us. The boys break down some of the reasons, statistics, and results of non-monogamous relationships in their video below.

We know that people have all kinds of different relationships, arrangements, and marriages. We will be exploring more of the varied and interesting world of monogamy, polyamory, and more in the weeks to come.


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