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‘Euphoria’ Season One is Over and I Want More

Zendaya, Barbie Ferreira and Hunter Shaffer

HBO’s first season of Euphoria with Zendaya just ended, and I’m not okay because I want more. My Twitter feed is basically a Euphoria fan account, and I’m not ashamed. HBO has gifted us with two my favorite characters on TV right now: Jules and Kat.

But let’s back track here, because I feel like we are not talking enough about this groundbreaking show. Of course it’s HBO, which explains the aggressive number of penises we see in the pilot episode alone, but I love the way the show authentically portrays Gen Z by touching on themes of sexuality, mental health, and drugs in a way that I have personally never seen on TV before. Furthermore, the show brings out a colorful representation of trans, plus size, and POC’s without overpowering those ideas in the story.

To put it simply: Euphoria actually showcases real people behind the label, and that’s is future I want to live in. So for those folks who haven’t watched the show, all Season 1 is available to binge-watch on HBOGO.

By the way, I also love this Q&A hosted by ATX Festival which further explains why this show is important as a cultural reflection for the current generation:


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