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Escape Ultra, Check Out the Wynwood Walls

Image via @NuevaYorka

If you’re in Miami for #Ultra2019 be sure to drink lots of water and take a break from the dance dance revolution to see the @wynwoodwallsofficial.

Image via @NuevaYorka

Over the course of 80,000 square feet you will find yourself immersed in a cornucopia of breathtaking mural art.

Image via @NuevaYorka

Plus, it’s totally free and literally made for IG worthy shots.

Image via @NuevaYorka

Since it was conceived in 2009, the Wynwood Walls have completely transformed the local neighborhood, by giving both newer and established artists a platform to share their work while simultaneously making it a global attraction.

Image via @NuevaYorka

As city officials all across the U.S. debate about zoning laws or how to best secure strategic funding for underdeveloped areas, Wynwood continues to shine by bringing in a diverse and intersectional crowd to gawk at its ever changing wall-canvases.

Image via @NuevaYorka

It’s proof that after all these years, Tony Goldman’s vision of taking abandoned warehouses and covering them with amazing art was the best way create interest in the industrial district’s potential. The payoff has been huge.

Even @glossier has wet its best brushes to get in on the colorful fun with an art deco pop-up (available through April 28th).

You’ll definitely work up an appetite from all the hash-tagging and posing, so we recommend the below for making it through the gauntlet of art and staying well fed and caffeinated.

Located just blocks from the action, The Taco Stand delivers big flavor at an affordable price. Oh, and did we mention they have Veggie Nopal Tacos?

If you have not had macadamia nut milk with your coffee, it is likely you haven’t lived. We definitely encourage you visit this 2018 Best of Miami winning cafe for it’s chill 90s vibe and premium coffee blends with just the right amount of bougie.

You can also round out your afternoon of art-venture with some casual fine dining. Yelp-reserve a spot at KYU for amazing and aesthetically pleasing wood fired Asian-inspired delectables. Pro-tip: they have amazing cocktails.

Lastly, for a change of pace, you can turn the evening into a proper pari by heading over to El Patio and trading your EDM for reggaeton.


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