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Curb Your Workday Anxiety With Laughter

African-american woman laughing in front of computer and cell phone

As a producer, my work is 100% deadline driven. This means my life is also 100% stressful.

In addition to the 10 hours that I spend working every day, I have a 1 and 2-year-old, a husband –insert side eye–, and a large group of family and friends that help add to the stress.

To top it all off, I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was a kid and at times, feel overwhelmed at my desk. A few weeks ago I decided to opt out of my Galantis playlist and turn on comedy.

The result? Many awkward stares as I cried laughing listening to musical remixes of Chris Lilley character quotes and John Early podcasts.

I’m telling you: LIFE. CHANGING. I listen to comedy clips on YouTube and Spotify regularly now. I not only feel happier and more at ease through the workday, but I’ve also doubled my internal rolodex of hilarious jokes.

Check out this list of the funniest comedy podcasts and join the fun. Here is a little Julio Torres to get you started.

AND, if you have the time, this week The Washington Post examined how legendary comics like Mel Brooks and Betty White have lived so long.

Perhaps, laughter is the best medicine after all. For further instructions, see girl with bangs feeding doll below.


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  1. Annmarie Reilly June 24, 2019

    Chris Lilley should be put on prescription 🙂


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